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Helper before or after baby born

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    Everyone is right! Plus you get used to each other before baby comes. You'll be stressing witht he baby, you don't want to have to worry about what your maid uis doing..!

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    hi rach

    i'm doing it all for the first time too my baby is due october and my helper is starting next week, i'm slightly anxious as i have never had a helper live in before, like you part time help in the past, it seems a great invasion of privicy in these small apartments , my biggest concern is i feel embarressed at the size of her room. i was brought up to respect my elders my helper is older , what a strange situation .....although i am looking forward to not doing any cooking !!!! my freinds say they don't know of anyone who later got rid of a helper because they didn't like the idea of someone living in there space ,

    Quote Originally Posted by pinemarten View Post
    Hi Rach

    I'm in the same situation - currently have part-time cleaner and wanting to take on helper when the baby arrives. I have been given the same advice as above - get someone in early so you'll have enough energy and time to show her the ropes. It will also be good to know in advance if things aren't going to work out with you and the cleaner.

    My baby is not due til late march, but I've just found out a highly recommended helper will become available at the start of next year. MUCH earlier than I would have originally wanted one, but I am considering "snapping her up" anyhow. Would be interested to hear your experience, whichever way you decide.

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