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Australian nanny looking for summer job!

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    Adele82 is offline Registered User
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    Melbourne, Australia

    Australian nanny looking for summer job!


    I'm a 24 year old Australian woman currently studying nursing here in Australia, finishing my course in November. I spent 6 years working as a nanny in New York for a family of 4 young boys and also a family with 3 school age children. I've worked for a babysitting agency for many years before I went to NY and after, for families with chidren of all different ages.

    With my nannying experience and my current nursing experience, I'm looking for a summer job (2007) for a family who requires a nanny if/when they travel over the summer.

    I have family in Hong Kong, and was recently speaking with my cousin who has 2 children of her own and she asked me to nanny for them the summer after next, when they are headed to Europe (this coming year they aren't travelling).

    So, my question is: how do I best go about finding a summer job? Preferrably for an english speaking family? Travelling to Europe, or wherever, over the summer (I heard this is the common thing in Hong Kong)?

    I'm a little clueless trying to figure it all out so my plans for next year can slowly start coming together...
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, THANKS!

    Adele - [email protected]

    P.S- Hong Kong summer (june/july/august 2007), I'm speaking about...
    And, is it too early to start looking for this type of work?

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    ontheroad is offline Registered User
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    Asia would probably be the last place where you would find a job as an aupair, since almost every family here already has a philipino "helper". Also, summer is when the expat families go home to wherever they're from, so it's probably not an ideal time. Have you tried applying for jobs in Europe instead? You would probably have more success there. There is a magazine in Paris for English-speaking families living in France, it's called FUSAC and they have classified ads that every body reads. Good luck!

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    Lisa Tarrant is offline Registered User
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    discovery bay hong kong

    I am looking for a nanny for my 2 kids. British family. June and July... Based in Hong Kong.

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    Miss_S is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Hi Adele,

    I'm a 23 year old local girl and I've been a babysitter for almost 1 year.
    I've worked for more than 15 foreign families & I'm working for 9 families at the moment, as I've had so many appointments and it's impossible for me to work for 2 families at the same time, I really need someone to share the jobs with me. If you don't mind, I can pass some appointments to you (when I can't make them) during the summer? my email is [email protected], if you are interested in it,please feel free to contact me. Thanks a lot!

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