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Babyplus prenatal learning system

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    Exclamation Babyplus prenatal learning system

    I want to post this for the benefit of those first time mums-to-be who are looking for some miracle product to produce that ideal baby genius who always smiles, never cries, sleeps through nights in month one etc. etc. I was one of them and bought into the idea that somehow my baby could be coached into being this perfect little angel from birth by buying Babyplus.

    I used Babyplus during my pregnancy starting at 18 weeks and continued using it extremely diligently till the 41st week (my baby was 5 days overdue) - strapping the system on my belly for 1 hour every morning & night. She is now 7 months old and while she is a delight and physically and mentally quite alert and active, she was certainly not 'calm' or 'not crying at all' or 'sleeping through the night from the 1st month' as reviews on this website and EVERY OTHER website I've checked (including epinions, amazon etc. etc.) proclaim. In fact, she was quite fussy, hypersensitive to the tiniest of sounds (thats something I attribute to Babyplus since two hours of that duk-duk sound everyday would make anyone a bit sensitive !), a poor napper and waking up sometimes as many as 5 times a night for a couple of months.

    The reason I'm writing this post is because when I was doing my research on this product all I read on the internet were exceedingly glowing reviews in which the babies were almost universally these angel, calm, super intelligent babies. In hindsight, besides the fact that I must have been naive , it also seems that either I am a lone exception of a not-so-ecstatic customer or that all the testimonials on your website and others have been carefully doctored and/or planted.

    Don't get me wrong, I do think my baby is quite intelligent, certainly has been extremely alert since birth :Butbut that could be due to this product or more likely, it could be just genetics .. At the end of the day, she is still a baby... she cries, screams, wakes at nights, has her good and bad days ....what riles me is that somehow there are no - NONE - ZERO - balanced reviews of this product on the internet and on this website and I felt I must make my experience known!

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    Firstly I would like to say well done you for being so honest about this product. I am a bit of sceptic about any products like this and think they are a load of rubbish designed to get us mums to spend more money!

    Personally I have never heard of it but can see why you may be tempted with a product like this. I honestly think you either have a calm peaceful child or you don't. I never used anything when I was pregnant with my son or when he was a baby. He was good and quite calm until 6 months when he turned into a little monster (lovely one at that). This I believe is just the way he is, he is a very confident outgoing child and that is genetics nothing else. Wonder what the next one will be like.

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    I agree, there is absolutly no evidence to say that shildren with colic are less intelligent. It is too bad that there are company;s out there that market to parents who are just trying to do everything "right". The only good that comes of things like this is for the company who sells it.

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