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Rhesus factor negative

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    aliu is offline Registered User
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    Rhesus factor negative

    Hello everybody

    We are TTC (1st time) and my blood test showed I have Rh factor negative while my husband is positive

    Has anyone the same situation and gave birth in HK? I heard the percentage of negative Rh among women in Asia is very low...Do you have some experience to share?

    Thank you!

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    loupou is offline Baby Guru
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    I'm negative & DH is positive & we have 2 kids conceived and born in HK. Since you're neg & your DH is positive, during your second pregnancy you'll get some "anti-D" shots and then after the birth as well.

    No worries, it's very common.

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    Hello, I too am Rh-. I don't know whether my husband is - or +. Last year I had an ectopic pregnancy and received the Rhogam shot. This year I am pregnant with twins who are doing beautifully. I received a shot at 28 weeks into my pregnancy and will receive a second one after the twins are born. The shots they give you before you deliver are completely up to you (ask your doctor for the statistics... there really isn't much of a benefit if you do get one at 28 weeks. It is more for a personal decision). The one after the delivery is the important one so that you don't produce antibodies against any future pregnancies.

    I was told they give 2 shots during the pregnancy here in the public hospitals... and then a third one after you deliver. I don't know why, but I am sure they have their reasons for supporting that. Most private doctors I have talked to, here in HK, in the U.S., and in Europe have told me the only one that is importantl is the one after delivery.

    As loupou said, being Rh- is common.

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    gidget is offline Registered User
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    hong kong

    Another rhesus negative here.

    I know that certain blood groups can be more dominant in ethnicities, but can't help you with the rates in Hong Kong. I'm sure you could google it and get an answer though.

    Any blood group can be negative, the most rare is to be AB-.
    I am O-, which is the second most rare, depending on which web site you look at, about 7% of the population has this group.

    There is conflicting advice about when to have the shots, it is one of those things you should check with your own practitioner and research and decide what you feel comfortable with.

    I had two shots during my pregnancy. This is common practice. The reason behind it is that your baby and yourself do exchange cells DURING pregnancy, not just during birth. so you build up your 'immunity' as it were.

    You are also given one at birth, although in my case my baby also turned out to have a negative group so it was not required. If you husband is positive it is most likely your baby will be to though. Without doing an invasive test, you can't tell until it is born.

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