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Question about Canossa...

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    Question about Canossa...


    Well after months of debating between Canossa and Adventist, weve finally decided Canossa. My wife felt it was more warm...and reminded her of a church, which she liked coming from a catholic background. She felt adventist was very cold and reminded her of a hospital too much.

    But now that we have decided i have a few questions:

    1. What is Canossas policy, regarding the father? Am i allowed to stay in the Hospital with my wife? if not what hours can i be there until? We are having an ellected c-section.

    2. What is the "3-bed room" like? I stayed in canossa once in a sem-private room and i remember it was quite nice. I had my own private TV and the room was very clean. The "3 bed room" is one step below the semi-private room. Has anyone has experience with this?

    3.Does Canossa provide you with a hotline to call after the baby is born. So that when we bring baby home, if we have any questions we can reach them.

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    Hi Kidphame,

    I had my baby girl in Canossa and I actually had a good experience there. The nurses were very caring and nice and also at least the place doesn't feel like you are in a hospital.

    With regards to your questions:-
    1. They are quite flexible with husbands visiting until late. Also, my husband was allowed to be with me all the time from the pre-operating room to the operating theatre (i had c-section). I stayed in a 3 bed room; hence there is no sofa for husband to stay overnight. I think you can do that with a semi/private room.

    2. I find the 3 bedroom quite good..and spacious. I had the bed next to the window, hence, more room and privacy. There is a TV to share in the room and also the room was very clean.

    3. You can call the hospital anytime and they will put you to the nurses to answer all your questions. I called them during midnight the day we took her home and the nurses were very helpful and informative.

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