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Matilda and Adventist - costs

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    Hayzee is offline Registered User
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    Matilda, Normal Delivery, about HK$100,000

    I delivered my baby there on 29th May 2008 and the total cost for a normal delivery, and epidural, 3 nights stay in a private room and everything else was HK$110,000.

    Last edited by Hayzee; 06-24-2008 at 12:39 PM. Reason: Just wanted to add: private room.

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    I had a c-section at Matilda in March - was supposed to be elective but I went into labour earlier, so ended up with emergency... as I said in an earlier post my total bill was $127,818.

    You have to pay extra for the anaethetist to be present but the epi/spine block is included in the cost of the c-section. No extra cost for theatre. You also need to pay for your pediatrician. So make sure you get the cost of the anaethetist and pediatrician as well as your ob/gyn.

    My ob/gyn and pediatrician visited every day, once a day for the 5 days I was there. The anaethetist saw me a couple of times too.

    Here is the breakdown of my $127,818 bill:

    Emergency c-section package with private room: $68,000
    Ob/gyn hospital fee: $35,000
    Anaethetist fee: $14,000
    Pediatrician fee: $9,600
    Lab tests for baby: $768
    Hearing test for baby: $450

    Was very lucky to have insurance which paid for the whole lot. Hope that helps you see all the costs.

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    shoni is offline Registered User
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    Thanks JoTs,

    We've just moved the C section date forward to the 4th July so that I am less likely to need an emergency C section, leaving it to the 15th was getting me a little worried (OBGYN on holiday before that). Baby is nice and big so no worries getting her out a little sooner, just means I have less time to try and turn her.

    I'll sit down tonight and recalculate the costs.

    Thanks again


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    ania8888 is offline Registered User
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    I stayed and delivered my baby girl at Matilda 2 months ago. Total all in cost was HKD153K for emergency c section. I stayed full 6 nights, my baby had phototherapy on a bili bed for 36 hours, pediatrician, my ob gyn visted every day, and my anesthesiologist visted for first 3 days. We ordered food every day for my husband (mine was included). The bill for extras ie food and drinks came to app HKD2.5K (but this included my post op belt, and fancy white stockings for preventing the blood clots). The food was actually cheap considering that you got very healthy options and the quality is very good. So if you are forking out over 100 grand for the stay do not save the 'pennies' on food for your partner. Most dishes ar under HKD100.
    I stayed in a private room, and highly recommend both the privacy of a private room and the hospital overall. The experience and the care and attention you get is worth every penny. I would not have my baby anywhere else.

    Hope this helps

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    hongkong0 is offline Registered User
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    i delivered at Matilda, emergency c section, 5 months ago.
    midwife and stay there was great, except I had a very disappointing experience with their admin staff.
    When i checked in they didn't have any standard private rooms available, so I decided to get a VIP room. (my insurance covers VIP room only when private rooms are not available), so I requested hospital to confirm this on a letter for my insurance company.
    however to my surprise the hospital was hesitant to admit they were booked out, instead said "they had no private rooms with balcony but had private rooms without balcony available". Private rooms without balcony means "twin room converted to a private use". This is what they do when standard private rooms are not available.
    as a result, upgrade fee of 18K was not covered by my insurance.
    I can not believe I paid over 185K and they can not even do a simple request, instead using a misleading wordings.
    I have a few friends who were not happy with them having no private rooms available. I would not go there again!!

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    tstmum is offline Registered User
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    [QUOTE=hongkong0;875303]When i checked in they didn't have any standard private rooms available, so I decided to get a VIP room. QUOTE]

    I delivered in March and there were also no standard private rooms available, so was upgraded to VIP room with no charge. Must depend who is on admin the day! Needless to say, I would have been very annoyed to have had to pay more for the room.

    For my delivery in March, total hospital bill came to about 90K for vaginal delivery, epidural and standard 3 night stay. While the hospital charges are the same for each type of room for each patient, different OBs, pediatricians and anesthetists have different charges which is why there can be such a variation in total costs. Best to also check your OBs charges to try to calculate overall cost.

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