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Pregnancy Diet

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    very true, but on the other hand spina bifida rates have dropped by over 20 per cent since grain products started being fortified with folate. So... not everyone turned out alright in the good ol' days. Keep taking that folate! :D

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    My OB says changing diet not worth it as baby is going to suck whatever it needs and leave you with the rest. Loosen up and try and enjoy your food (if you can and the indigestion doesn't riun every meal)! You will loose it all again (esp if breasfeeding) once baby is born.

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    True up to a point, but if you haven't eaten it yourself the baby can't suck it up. There are only a very few things it will actually take from your body (calcium is one, which is why you need lots extra if you don't want tooth/bone probs later). If you are only eating McDonalds for 9 months you are not likely to be providing your baby with a lot in the way of nutrients. I think it's worth making a few changes, without becoming obsessed by it all.

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    I see a dietician about my pregnancy diet as I am overweight. Here is what she recommends to me so that I will not gain weight but the baby will still have all ther correct nutrients:

    Water with lemon slices
    1-2pcs egg white/ 20g lean meat
    30 dry weight of oatmeal/ all bran/ weetabix/ red or brown rice congee (cooked using soup stock and shredded dark greens)
    250g skimmed milk/ soymilk (no sugar type) + a slice of ginger

    Morning Snack
    water/ green tea with lemon or ginger slices

    As much veg as you like
    60g cooked weight meat/fish/chicken + unlimited tofu
    150g cooked weight of red rice/ whole grain/ brown rice/ potato/ taro/ beans

    Afternoon snack
    raw veg (unlimited) / cooked veg
    diet yoghurt (100kcal per tub)/ skimed milk/ soymilk
    1 pc fruit/ 1 bowl of corn/ potato/ yam/ chestnut

    Same as lunch
    1 pc fruit (preferably orange for folic acid)

    This diet is supposed to be best for you as it is providing ample nutrients to the baby and you will not get fat on it. It is NOT a diet for losing weight but something which helps you with pregnancy energy etc.

    Also, always drink a glass of water BEFORE any meals.

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