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Hong Kong Sanitorium

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    Hong Kong Sanitorium

    Has anyone given birth at the Hong Kong Sanitorium in Happy Valley? I'd be very interested to hear what you thought about your care at the hospital and how the midwives were as I am trying to decide between various private hospitals. Thanks!

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    I gave birth to my daughter there 2-1/2 years ago. The overall experience was good.

    The only thing was that the nurses got a bit too excited inside the delivery room yelling "push." But then it really made me aware of what's really going on. I really appreciated the nurses teaching me about breast feeding. That was really helpful.

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    If you and/or your hubby couldn't speak Cantonese, HK Sanitorium is NOT a good choice.

    I went there for a unit visit before I gave birth. The nurses couldn't even understand a simple question from my hubby ( I speak both). I finally went to Canossa (its just 5 mins from my place), it was great, all the nurses were very friendly and knowledgable.

    Bear Lau:

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