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how to manage nursing and solids

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    how to manage nursing and solids

    hello, my baby is 7mths and has started taking rice cereal for a month now. i don't really stick to a schedule though i try to give him 2 meals a day. if i'm out or busy, i'd just do 1 meal a day (since he doesn't really eat much anyway)
    i'd like to ask how to manage breastfeeding when you introduce solids - reason being i was down with blocked ducts, painful breasts and a low grade fever, started with my left breast and when recovered, it hit my right breast straight away. i thought it maybe because of weaning and the baby taking less milk?any advice on
    - how can i prevent this from happening again?
    - what should his solids feeding schedule be like from now until 10 mth, ie how many meals a day and at what time?
    - should i breastfeed before or after solids and what's the rationale?

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    I found this leaflet quite helpful -

    It also includes a "menu planner" which I found useful as a guideline and it was given to me by my health visitor in the UK.

    I remember giving my son his " lunch" - I spoon of baby rice at about 11am for a couple of weeks and then gradually giving him two spoons and then once he was taking this meal happily, I introduced the evening meal. I used to fit in breastfeeds in the morning, afternoon and early evening and again once at night. I think in the early stages of weaning, the nutrition is mainly coming from breastmilk and you are just getting your baby used to solids.

    I remember we gradually added more and more foods & larger quantities. I did find Annabel Karmel book really useful as she gives portion sizes- again she has menu planners to give you an idea of how many meals a day. I took the process very slowly but I did try to be consistent so always gave baby rice at the same time everyday to encourage a rough routine.

    Wrt breastfeeding before / after solids - I got lots of conflicting advice. I was told to breastfeed from one breast, offer solids and then the other breast as should be encouraging your supply. I found this a total waste of time. If the baby has filled up on breastmilk then what the incentive to eat solids? So, I always offered solids first at 11am and then finished off the "meal" with a breastfeed around 11am. Then, I would express if I had only fed from one breast so keeping my supply going. This seemed to work for me.

    As solid intake grew, I have to admit I did feel that my supply got very low and it was a struggle to breastfeed from about 9 months but I had a son who didnt want to take bottles. So, we did have a fraught few months until around 1st birthday when he naturally gave up breastfeeding. Looking back, maybe I could have managed this bit differently.

    Really sorry to hear about blocked ducts - have you rechecked bfeeding technique/ latch on? As the baby got heavier I found it really useful to speak to a lactation consultant to show me easier ways to breastfeed for both my son and I. I found this really helpful.

    Hope I have helped - this is my experience only

    Shahira KK

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    Once solids have started, your milk will still be the primary source of calories, fats, vitamins, minerals, and hydration for your baby. Solids are meant to complement his breast milk intake in the first year. Breastfeeding first before offering solids will help to ensure that your milk supply continues to be adequate and that baby gets the milk that he needs for optimum development as he learns to eat other foods. You can confidently follow your baby's cues as to "when" and "how much" nutritious solid food he would like to eat in a day, and your body will regulate its production of milk dependent upon baby's new demands (again, so long as you nurse first, offer solids second).

    Nursing before the solids will also help your body wean more gradually and, I hope, avoid getting plugged ducts. If you do get plugged ducts again as well as the normal advice remember that changing positions is helpful and also lying the baby flat ion his back and sort of dangling your breast into his mouth. This allows gravity to help pull the blockages through the breast. It is common to get plugged ducts on the other side straight after having them on one side. This is because we tend to fed more on the affected side and so less on the other side which causes that side to have a problem.

    Helpful web sites:

    My breast hurts. What can I do?

    First foods for babies

    When should my baby start solids?

    Best wishes,

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