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bsby carriers - back carriers

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    shahirakk is offline Registered User
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    bsby carriers - back carriers

    does anyone know about the back carriers sold at Sogo with a metal frame. They look great and arent too expensive.

    I am a short person - 5ft 1 and find the European back carriers are great for my hubby but NOT for me

    You can pm me if you prefer

    Shahira KK

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    geiboyi is offline Registered User
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    cheung chau

    The are good, but not once the child gets heavier - we used one from about 9 mths - 18 months, maybe less, as it just gets too heavy on the shoulders. A much better bet is either the Ergo carrier (weight goes on shoulders and hips and is much more comfy - about $750, I think), or a traditional Chinese-style cloth carrier.

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    Yes the Ergo is fantastic for back carries. I have one and I use it for going hiking, as well as just doing chores round the house, like laundry or kitchen work. If my 13 month old son is feeling cuddly or sensitive, he follows me round like a shadow, holding on to my trousers! I still have to get the chores done, so it's nice to be able to put him on my back and get on with things.

    This is what the ergo is like:

    It is expensive, but it's better, in my opinion, than a metal frame backpack.

    There is a Macau retailer who sells the Ergo, . You can also try an Asian style carrier, which is nice and small to carry in your diaper bag but gives nearly the same sort of support as an Ergo. I think is bringing those in soon, but doesn't have them yet.

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