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Hospital tours

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    1) at matilda, they say if you are in a twin room, they'll try to let you stay alone if room permits. so e.g. if they have 10 twin rooms, the first 10 who came in willhave a room all bt herself, by the 11th one came, 2 of them will be sharing a room. but i think all the birth rooms are single.

    2) my sister-in-law had her baby 2 yrs ago at adventist, they let her baby in. but after bfeeding, they prefer the bring the baby back to the nursery.

    3) it depends on your doc, but most obgyn charges more for single rms, least for triples or more.

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    If you are hoping to breastfeed successfully you might like to ask about the following hospital practices:

    a. delaying first feed until after the first hour of life
    b. giving formula in the hospital
    c. not breastfeeding on demand
    d. not rooming in
    e. using pacifiers

    All these practices cause considerable problems when trying to get breastfeeding off to a good start.

    Many hospitals do not allow mother and baby to stay together in the same room and enforce scheduled feeding times. Often these schedules are to feed the baby only every four hours, although it is well known that breastfeed infants need between 8 and 12 feeds in every 24 hours (this is an average of a feed every two to three hours – not every four!).

    You may also like to ask about how willing the hospital staff are to bring you the baby, especially if a caesarean section is required. There are hospitals in Hong Kong where babies are not brought to the mother for feeding but instead she has to go to a special feeding room to feed the baby. This can cause a huge delay in initiating breastfeeding after surgery and isn’t that much help during the night either.

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    gave birth at Adventist private room last year. they did let me room-in with the baby, whenever i want. basically, you can asked them to bring the baby whenever you'd like. the baby can also go back to the nursery when i'd like more rest, so it was all very flexible and great for me.

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