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Baby slings

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    Sleuth is offline Registered User
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    Fo Tan

    The Maya wrap does take some practice, but the front and side carry can be learned pretty quickly. Probably the same for the back, but you have that fear factor.
    The DVD is really helpful. As is practice with dolls/stuffed animals, etc....
    Also, if you find someone who has been using it that would probably help. We didn't have that option.
    No idea what a sarong sling is.

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    jools is offline Registered User
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    I agree the Mayawrap does take practise, but it is oh so worth it. On my own list of the top five things you have to have with a baby, my mayawrap is number one.
    You can carry your child from new born all the way up to walking. My daughter lived in it from the age of three months (when I bought one) and now my son lives in it. You can nurse in it discreetly, so people don't even know you're carrying a baby. Once they can support their head, there is the kangaroo carry, where the baby sits cross legged in front of you; great for talking as they are at your height seeing what you see. Then when they're too big for this carry you can put them on the hip with the sling supporting.
    I have tried other slings but I like the mayawrap best because they have this thing called the shoulder ap flap which allows you to spread the sling over your should and therefore the weight of the child is better distributed across your back.
    Just to add a little note about Baby Bjorns and that type of carrier-research shows that they place too much pressure on your little ones spine as the entire weight of their body is focussed on the base of their spine. With a sling style carrier the weight is distributed over a larger area and therefore does not cause the spinal problems that have been seen in babies being carried in the Baby Bjorn style carrier.
    Hope that helps.


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    crystal is offline Registered User
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    Actually, I also use several types of carrier, like combi, red castle and baby sling. I find baby sling is much better especially for BF mammies.

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