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How to teach 4-y-old girl to draw

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    Question How to teach 4-y-old girl to draw

    My girl is four years old and is attending drawing class. But sometimes she said she was unable to draw this and that. But she really likes drawing. I want to teach drawing to her by myself. Any recomendations for good guide book? I have read some articles from internet, but still need a book. And any Mom has experience of teaching young children to draw? Thanks

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    I know a great book! The problem is the book is in German. I used it when I was teaching and I found it very helpful. The nice part about it, it’s encouraging the child to use different styles and materials. It relays on the child creativity. There is no need to tell the child how it has to draw just give him the right material and some new techniques. The part as a parent is to encourage your child and it doesn’t mean that they have to tell them how it’s done. Just give a child some idea of some new techniques. The book gives some examples and wants you and your child to take the ideas and chance them and get creative yourself. Art is fun! And what adults never should do is making some negative comments ore how the child should paint it. Just heard it in my classroom. Fact is lots of parents like it more when children bring home a worksheet instead of a drawing or an artwork. And don’t realize how much fun, skill, thoughts, time and passion it spends on it.

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    Hi, vivian,

    You may go to the local book shops to have a look. The titles are in chinese, and are around the copying book exercises on the shelves. Maybe you can ask the staff for help. They cost about $12 each. There're lots of simple drawing patterns inside, divided in four steps per pattern, but a few may be too complicate for young children. Don't worry, there's only one single line of chinese instruction inside and same for every page (just ignore it), and are easy enough to follow by anyone.

    But very often children like to draw on their own than follow instructions from a book.

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