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Baby sign class

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    Baby sign class


    Did anyone have the experience of baby sign class, especially the one at Gymboree, or if there is any other good one you would recommend?

    My girl is 8 months, and I’m thinking about taking her to the class. But she’s very active, I’m afraid she won’t sit still for even several minutes. Has anyone been to the class before? Any suggestion?



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    kashismum is offline Registered User
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    They run workshops.

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    We taught our son to sign. We bought Joseph Garcia's DVD/Book kit and we sat down as a family watched the DVD, and a couple of days later started teaching him the signs for food, water, milk, more.

    Here's the kit

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    Your baby really doesn't need to take a class. You just need to learn a little and then start signing. If you are persistant, your baby will eventually start signing back. I took a mommy crash course based on Joseph Garcia's method.

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    I attended the one at Gymboree when my baby was 8 months old. After trying for 3 months, he finally signed back "eat"! The Gymboree class is a nice experience, and it was good to meet like-minded parents and kids of similar age (around 8 months - 1.5 year old).

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    I learned baby signs from the Garcia book & video obtained from Geobaby. It's very good. At 8 months, our baby showed recognition of the milk sign very quickly, but it took 2 or 3 months for her to do it back, and longer to use signs to request something.

    One thing that I've concluded from talking to friends though is that if you start slightly later (10 months to a year) then you are likely to get faster results. It can be discouraging spending 2 or 3 months using the signs nonstop without much feedback. But there is no harm in starting early if you are keen and determined.

    It is a wonderful tool for communicating with your baby. Most of our "conversations" were not about anything important, just her letting me know she had spotted a bird, a butterfly, socks hanging on a washing line, etc. My daughter loved the "more" sign and would use it as a general "gimme" sign if she wanted something. Much better than screeching or grabbing!

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    Thanks Jenny! Unfortunately the Joseph Garcia kit is no longer available.

    Another starter kit is by Susan Goodwy and Linda Acredolo. It's received a number of good reciews on Amazon. Here's the link to ShopinHK

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Buckeroo is offline Registered User
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    Therre is no "perfect" time to start teaching your baby to sign. Some parents prefer to start from birth (the earliest I know of a baby signing back is at 3 months --for MILK!), some prefer to start closer to when their child's motor skills are a bit more developed (at around at least 6 months or so) to handle doing the signs.

    We're expecting #2 next Apr and we're going to start right away (!) with her, having done the Baby Signs Program with our first one (now 22 months) and knowing firsthand how rewarding and amazing it's been. :)

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