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Confinement Nanny and Food Delivery

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaceesperanza View Post
    Where are they located again? Should I book an appointment before going there? And lastly do they asses you even before you deliver or afterwards already?
    They are in CWB. They will only see you last month before you give birth, just make a deposit now if you want, but don't do it early when they demand for it. They assess you BEFORE and AFTER you deliver.

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    thanks for the info crystal88 :) will ask my husband to take me there

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    Hi, I just wanted to post a quick review on a service I recently used in Happy Valley. They make confinement soups and will deliver to your home. They're located across from Sanitorium Hospital, although I can't recall their name. We used them last week while I was still in the hospital. My husband just cancelled our month-long order with them today. They got a 3-days worth of order wrong and refused to accept responsibility for it. They brought us the less expensive soup when we ordered the more expensive one (we didn't realize this at the time). Their delivery guy went ahead and took the money even though he knew we were being delivered the less expensive soup. And when we called to clear things up they were argumentative and uncooperative; unwilling to explain the difference between the soups and tried to blame us for the mix-up. They don't seem to really care for their customers' health. And in addition, they attempted to not repay our deposit and said that we didn't return their canisters, which we did. It was a big struggle to get it back.

    I usually never write reviews. But, I think when it comes to health it's important to share the experience...

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    Hello All,

    My due date is 1 JUN 2011. My husband and I (also our helper) are foreigners and don't speak Chinese. From what we heard, most confinement ladies cannot speaking English. If you know any confinement lady who can at least communicate in English (no need to speak fluent) this would be awesome.

    Alternatively, if you know any maternity agency who can guide us through this, it would be great.

    The time is getting closer. Your help is highly appreciated.

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