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Baby do not like solid.

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    Baby do not like solid.

    Hi all,

    My 7.5 mth baby started solid last month slowly, but now she is still refusing to eat more than 2-3 mouthful each time. Can experience moms pls help:

    1) i feed her solid after bf at 1:30pm everyday. she's mostly full and refused to eat. it's usually congee with veg puree or sweet potato etc.also tried advocado, apple, pear, carrot, cucumber so far.

    2) at 4:00 she has her snack of fruits puree, again 2-3 mouthful max and half of that got spit out onto the towel anyway.

    3) is it too early to give her finger food and what kind?? just to try something different to attract her eating.

    4) the rest of the day is BF only.

    I was told that introducing solid now is for the sole purpose of her gettin used to eating stuff, for fun etc. But she is really eating so little (2-3 baby spoonful), and disliking it so much, it makes me worry so.

    Do other moms have this problem? some of my friends said to give soild first before BF so they wont be so full to take in at all. but i was told to give soild after BF to ensure milk supply.

    Should I force her to eat or not force her to eat at all. I am afraid she 'll hate meal time more than ever.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Breastmilk is still the primary source of nutrition for your baby during the first year and some mothers will not introduce solids until later than 7.5 months. You're absolutely correct in BF first - the congee + veg/fruit is extremely lacking in nutrition compared to breastmilk.
    IMHO, I would say that she's doing fine. A few spoons is a few spoons, and if that's all she wants, then fine. No point in forcing her to eat. You can continue to experiment with different foods. I think at her age, you can introduce some protein in addition to the avocado (which is very rich) in the form of meat or pulses (mine loves lentils) and there's no harm in trying finger foods like bread or rice cakes or banana; it can just get a bit messy.
    Of course, the most important thing is your daughter's health. If she is alert and happy and gaining weight, then there's no need to worry.
    Hope this helps.

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