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Experiences with Dr. Lucy Lord?

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    myfavoritebags is offline Registered User
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    Experiences with Dr. Lucy Lord?

    I'm currently seeing Dr. Lord for my pregnancy. Not quite sure how I feel about her yet....Just wondering what other ladies experiences were for their VB's or c-sections with Dr. Lord?

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    LLb'bird is offline Registered User
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    May 2010
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    I would advise against it

    This may be a very late add on to this thread but I feel that I must voice my opinions about Dr. Lucy Lord.
    I don?t understand how this lady is still working in HK. After reading so many scary stories about her, she?s still doing business. I?m using the words ?doing business? because that is all she?s about.

    When I was 6 months pregnant, I made an appointment to see her. She was recommended to me by a friend so I thought she must be good. Leading up to the appointment, I was starting to have a little spotting and I also didn?t feel much movement. I was very, very worried but was glad that I was going in to see her that very afternoon. On my way there, the receptionist called me to say she?d be running an hour late. That was fine. But when I finally got to see her, the very first thing she asked me was whether I was going to deliver in Queen Mary hospital. I was a little surprised but said yes. She then said ?I can?t see you then. I can only see you if you are going to deliver at Matilda.? I understood and said that?s fine but I was a little concerned about the bleeding and lack of movement and I asked her if she could please just check if my baby is ok for today. All she had to do was check if there was a heartbeat or something. She said ?no?.
    In a hormonal induced frenzy, I started to cry and she asked me to wait in another room basically to get rid of me.
    The thing I have a problem with is how was I able to make an appointment with this woman (an appointment she was late to) and then she doesn?t even have the sensitivity to check that everything is ok because all she is concerned about is money.
    This is certainly NOT the kind of doctor I want working for me. She is ready to overlook someone?s health for money. I don?t think she?d even stop to help a poor lady on the street if she were in labour. She?d probably be concerned about any legal implications.

    Thankfully, with a little luck and a number of telephone calls, I was able to find another appointment that day and everything turned out to be fine. I now have a healthy 8 month year old son.

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    southside852 is offline Registered User
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    I had her, then switched to Dr. Ghosh not because of her medical expertise (heard she's great), but because I found her bedside manner a bit rough.....

    You'll find people will have many different opinions about her, but you should definitely go with what your heart tells you. My friend who had twins loved her and will deliver again with her.

    Personally, if I don't immediately click with OB/GYN then it's a problem as I need to to feel safe and I need to trust their decision making skills.

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    aussie mum is offline Registered User
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    Apr 2007

    I've just switched from dr ghosh to Lucy lord and really like her. (I liked ghosh too but switched when he was ill as my due date is fast approaching).
    She has picked up a couple of things that ghosh had missed. I was surprised and glad I'd moved to her.

    As for the public delivery. It does seem very harsh that she wouldn't even check things were ok! But from what I understand they have had some problems with patients who saw them (Lucy and grace) privately and delivered publicly. Information wasn't communicated properly between the two and patients were put at risk at the time of delivery. For this reason they won't do the ante natal care anymore if they aren't delivering.

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    sea princess is offline Registered User
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    After a horrific experience, misdiagnosis and near fatal medical issue with one well regarded OB/GYN here in HK, I have just switched to Dr Lord at 14 weeks pregnant. I had mixed feelings about anyone really as I was left so stressed. I made two appointments, one with Dr Lord, one with Dr Ghosh. I heard Lucy's bedside manner was not great and that did bother me somewhat, but with Dr.Gosh's health issue I thought she was the best choice.

    So far she has been incredibly compassionate and caring. Her midwifery staff have called me regularly to check up on me after my ordeal and she returned my call within 30 minutes the other evening when some test results came back from the GP that weren't so great. I was critical for 72 hours and my last OB/GYN didnt return one call and told his nurses to call me and take a panadol!

    I think if you want someone who is going to hold you hand throughout the prgnancy she is not the one for you. She is not motherly or soft, in fact she is quite gruff. I like that she is direct, competent and knows her stuff. I want a healthy baby afterall, not a mother or best friend.

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    Hannah's Mom is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    I delivered with Lucy Lord and it was a fine experience (natural - no drugs). But in all honestly when it came to the delivery I think I saw her for maybe 15 minutes! The midwives at Central Health were amazing! If I called for ANY questions I had, I had one of the midwives phone back within 1/2 hour.
    She is NOT a "touchy feely" type doctor. Being my second baby that was fine with me.
    I could see if it was your first baby you may want a bit more hands on or someone to take longer with your many questions ( I know I did!) she would not be a good choice.
    When I was looking for a doctor I was told... "she's not someone who will hold your hand, but you you definitly want her in the room if there's an emergancy!"
    I'm not sure but I've heard that Dr. Grace Chung at that office is a bit more hands on.

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    qilin is offline Registered User
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    Jun 2009
    causeway bay

    Dr. Lord attended the birth of my son, a year ago. She was exactly what I needed.

    When searching for an OB, after experiences with three wishy-washy OBs (All three had "great" bedside manners but never really satisfactorally answered my questions and left me feeling a bit nervous--I had had a semi-complicated pregnancy.), I knew I needed an OB with excellent experience, sharp intellect and decisiveness that made me feel confident in their judgement. I had heard about Dr. Lord and her "no-nonsense" style. I also never heard a complaint regarding her skill as an OB. (She is well respected, even among hypnobirthing/natural birth advocates.) After my first appointment with her, I was sold. She read me well and when it was game time, knew exactly the right things to say to "encourage" my efforts. True, her bedside manner is a bit dry, a bit direct and definitely not warm and fuzzy. But I also found her to have a sly sense of humor and to genuinely care about me, as her patient.

    From a certain standpoint, I can understand why she didn't want to see the poster who wasn't planning on delivering at Matilda. It doesn't make any sense for her to start care for someone that she cannot follow through with. But, I also totally understand how her abrupt nature could upset someone, especially if they are worried about their baby. It's a very sensitive time and you would think an OB would understand that better than anyone. I am sorry you went through that. I remember the anxiety all too well and the one thing you need at that moment is an answer. (RE: her lateness--most OB's are late on occassion. They're delivering babies.)

    Anyway, just wanted to put my experience in the mix. Dr. Lord was a great choice in doctor for me throughout my pregnancy. (Also must say the staff at her practice were very kind. Yes, it gets crazy busy, but they do care!)

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    noopy is offline Registered User
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    Hong Kong

    Dr Lord delivered 2 of my kids naturally. My 1st baby, she was there for last 30 min, whole delivery took 6 hrs. Her stitching was great and I recovered very quickly. Post delivery, I bled regularly in spurts and I was very worried, she refused to see me or return my calls. When I was preg with #2, I wanted to switch to Dr Dawkins but he was moving back to Aus for good, so I went back to Lucy because at least I knew she would not push me into a C secion last minute citing some 'complication'. Sure enough, I did deliver naturally the 2nd time, but she was there for the last 10 min, after I was in labor/in the hospital for 12+ hours. Her stitching is great and I recovered quickly again. Now I don't know if I should stick with her (and be on my own for the entire labor), or switch (and risk having c section with another dr)? I actually don't mind her cold attitude during checkups because she is supposedly good, but I do think her not being present at delivery is a problem.
    Btw, I'm Asian so that could have something to do with it.

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