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Allergic to Rice

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    mummybee is offline Registered User
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    Tseung Kwan O

    Hi Arkcocon,

    Don't know why, my paed allergist told us not to try soy as (1) she is likely to be allergic to soy as well; (2) soy is not as nutritous as cow's milk ie plant vs animal milk; (3) new controversial research shows apparently soy has too much estrogen for babies (but allergist told us results is not confirmed). Doctor emphasised that we should try to feed her animal milk as they are high in calcium (can't remember if he said soy hsa little or no calcium).

    we discovered this week that our daughter is allergic to salmon, with bad rash and hives on upper arms and upper thighs. Yeah, it is so disheartening, isn't it. I too feel bad and wonder if I did something wrong during my pregnancy with her. I had terrible morning sickness and took lots of medication to curb it (not that they helped!) and also I binged on milk and eggs and bread so I wonder if she is allergic to them 'cos I ate too much of them! Sigh....

    By the way, where in Central do you live, if you don't mind me asking? I live on Hollywood Road in Soho. I am considering setting up a "support" group of mums with severely allergic children I wonder how many of us are out there? My daughter is 16 months now and I would dearly love to hold "parties" that are egg-free, wheat-free, etc so I don't need to worry which kid is going to offer cake to my child!!!! My email address is mumm[email protected] for those interested to keep in touch..

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    arkcocoon is offline Registered User
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    mummybee, please read your pm. a

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    kenlau is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2008

    Hi Arkcocoon, Jo Bowd, Saralee and mummybee,
    I am working in a univerisity. We can provide a free blood test to your babies to find out what protein in rice is causing rice allergy to your baby, which will help to find ways of solving the allergy. Please contact me at [email protected] for detail.

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