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Is there a chicken pox virus going around?

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    Is there a chicken pox virus going around?

    I didn't suspect until now that the spots that my son had on his back (4) and on his upper lip (2) might be chicken pox. He now has a fever and when we took him to the doctor tonight, I didn't think of the spots when she asked, as the spots on his back are all gone and the two on his upper lip are not 'fresh' spots anymore. At the time, we thought they were just insect bites.

    He's had the chicken pox vaccine and I know there's a chance that he might catch it still...

    Would appreciate if those moms who have kids who've had the vaccine and still got chicken pox could share how it was. Did your kid get the fever after the spots have gone or dried up? How long did the fever last?

    Our doctor only prescribed meds for the fever and pain relief...

    It's hard to see the LO so down and listless. :(

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    Dont worry!!! Just been to see Pead. We have the same thing. My 18 month girl is covered in spots. Even right up into her hair. Had fever, been grumpy and very clingy. Apparently theres a virus going around. I half wish it was c. pox to get it ovetr and done with.....

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    Hi mamas,

    My 9mth old boy has just recovered from Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease, which is like chicken-pox spots but only on their mouth, hands and foot areas and maybe some little ones on other parts of the body.
    It's very contagious and spreads easily with kids aged 6mths to 4yrs in season change periods.

    The worst thing is your kid can contract HFM and carry it for 2 weeks before fever and red spots start showing (incubation period).

    My boy was infected with it in our clubhouse and apparently management was aware of the disease but didn't put out notice to tell everyone. I had a good go at them and made them put out a notice and clean, clean, clean.

    Hope your kiddos are getting over the nasty red spots very soon :p

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    Heard from a friend there was a case of Hand/Foot at her daughter's kindergarten this week too. She goes to one on Caine Rd.

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