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Help! How to remove formula?

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    mrs chee 9417-6366

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    One way to get back to full breastfeeding when you are giving supplements is to give formula at the breast is with a Nursing Supplementer

    You can find a nursing supplementer at

    Although it does involve more cleaning to use the supplementer many mothers I have helped have found it to be very helpful when their babies know how to breastfeed but the mothers milk supply needs increasing.

    This would allow you to reduce the amount of formula more slowly so that both you and your baby are happy and at the same time increase you milk supply.

    Dr. Jack Newman has a video clip on his web site which shows a mother supplementing at the breast. The address is

    He has a number of handouts and some videos on this site.

    The handout you might find helpful is:

    Using a Lactation Aid

    and a video called Lactation Aid about supplementing at the breast.

    The other videos on this site talk about getting the baby to latch on correctly. You may be interested to watch these and have to scroll down the page until you find them. (I like the first and the third latch videos best.)

    First Latch
    Second Latch
    Third Latch
    Asymmetric Latch
    Asymmetric Latch Two

    If you are interested I can send you a photo of a mother using the supplememter. And a copy of our newsletter with a story from a mother who used a supplementer. Please e-mail me at [email protected].com if you are interested.

    Meridan and Celki sell nursing supplementers, the Medela agent in Hong Kong is,

    Celki have quite a lot of shops around Hong Kong. Their head office address is,
    Meridian Hong Kong Limited
    Head Office
    21/F., Tins Enterprises Centre, 777 Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon
    Tel: (852) 2328 2662 Fax: (852) 2358 0263
    Email : [email protected]
    Web-site : has information about weaning from supplements to the breast and a useful form to fill in which helps you know exactly where you are and what the next stage is.

    Weaning from Supplements Instructions

    Weaning from Supplements Log

    Two more techniques that may be helpful are Breast Compression and Switch Nursing.

    Dr. Jack Newman also explains how to do Breast Compression on his web site,

    Breast Compression at

    He also has video clips on his web site which can be useful. (I think that a picture saves a 1,000 words and a video saves a 1,000 pictures.)
    Second Latch, Some Compression

    show the Breast Compression technique.

    Another good technique is Switch Nursing. Switch nursing is changing to the other side when the baby no longer seems interested. Usually when we start feeding the baby is very interested to suck, as the baby slows down we start the breast compression and when the baby slows down with the breast compression we change and get the baby to have the other side. On the other side after the baby starts to slow down we again use the breast compression and when he slows down again swap back to the first side again. We can continue swapping sides as much as we like and for as long as the baby is willing to continue to suck. It is fine to swap sides 8, 9 or 10 times in one feed.

    The other essential is to get on-going support. Im glad to hear that you are receiving this from Mrs. Chee. A well trained lactation consultant combines both support and lots of knowledge of various techniques which can be helpful.

    Best wishes,

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    I had to use a supplemental nursing system like Sarah mentions. It can sound very intimidating or like a lot of trouble, but it really is not so bad once you get the hang of it. That way your breasts get the needed sucking to help up your milk supply while you can rest assured your baby is getting the needed milk. Sarah helped me get started with it. The Jack Newman videos really help to see how it works.

    Milk supply seems to be something that is a constant worry for mothers! But as others have said, keep in mind what you pump is not a good indication of what you produce. I have never been able to pump much! My daughter was in the bottom 3% of weight for a long time so I used an SNS to get more milk into her while also trying to get my supply up. Things finally got a lot easier and my daughter is now 13 months and we are still going strong with bfing.

    Also just want to repeat what others said - get lot's of rest and drink a lot! I don't think those can be said enough.

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