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Cloth Nappies

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    Hi Kimmi,

    Yes, the street market is open on Saturdays. Lots to buy: fabric, shoes, t-shirts, clothes for older kids.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    thanks Rani I shall take a look

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    [QUOTE=Asonia]Hey Gidget,
    I like the idea of the AIO type with the seperate filler - and if these can last for a bit , then I s'pose they would really be value for money as well, yes?

    They are my preference now too.
    These are the pocket nappies when you are searching for them on line {AIO, does NOT have the removable filler, it is all included and fixed in the nappy}.

    You can actually buy some adjustable 'one size fits all' pocket nappies that will last from new born to toilet training, believe it or not! So those are VERY good value. One brand I have is called Bum Genius, you can search for that on line, lot's of suppliers sell it.
    I must say that I do prefer buying them to size though, as they have a much trimmer fit, so have not bought any more of these, but they really do work.

    For sized nappies you will not get too much use out of the new born size, as they grow so quickly to start. My son is 6 weeks old now and has already out grown them. {although he was 3.8 kg at birth, so fairly big, I'm assuming your bubbas are a bit smaller.}
    That is why a lot of people go for flats to start until the baby is big enough to fit into a 'small' size.

    Another thing to take into account when buying is that, like adults clothes, different manufacturers size differently, so refer to the weight charts they provide. For example, the "small" Rumsters I have, my son is jusst about to grow out of, but the "small" Bumsters I have, he is yet to grow into!!

    Every baby is different, but I would say you would need at least 10 - 12 nappies per baby, per day for new borns.

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