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1st appointment with OB - questions!

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    Just found out I'm preggers too. No idea how it all works over here. (See thread 'need advice please)' Is Dr Dawkins good? Where is he/she based? If you have medical insurance can you use any doctor or do different companies recommend different doctors?

    All advice gratefully received. Hope your scan goes well Ivan!!

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    Everything went very well with Dr Dawkins and my first scan last week. We were able to see the baby which is obviously still very small but definitely there - it was amazing. Dr Dawkins is in Jardine House btw. It might depend on your insurance policy but I was able to pick the OB and just notify the insurers of the choice.

    Really liked Dr Dawkins' manner and found him very competent which was reassuring.

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    I just tested positive last week. So that means I am 4 weeks pregnant. My doctor (Dr. Choy) is on a vacation, so I met with Dr. Patrick Chan at Matilda. He confirmed via blood test. My question is when do doctors normally take a scan? Since I have had a rough ride till now, I feel I will be given a scan. But just wanted to be prepared for it when I meet her.

    There are so many do and don'ts that I am highly confused. In India we believe that a papaya is not good in such times, so am keeping away from it. I guess it hols true for the first timester only. Since I am a celiac, my choice of foods go down drastically plus avoiding all the soft cheeses and what not. My main concern right now is consipation. I go for a walk everydayand do non-strainnous house stuff. Not seem to be working. I know oranges and apples always help me. So started having more of those. But, I am SO CONFUSED! The only meat I have eaten after finding out is chicken. I feel I should give up that for a couple of months.

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    Hi Solong

    Chinese OBs in HK usually give you a scan EVERY visit. My hubby and I enjoyed that a lot as we got to see how the bb had developed since last visit. hear his heartbeat and see him moved. It was the most amazing experience!

    Regarding food, I totally feel for you. I'm Chinese and there are a lot of rules as to what to / not to eat. I only followed the rules during the first 3 months as that's supposed to be the critical period. Here are a list of the DON'T EATs for Chinese...

    NO NOs (basically NO 'cold' foods)
    Ice cold drinks
    Raw food
    Beef (bad for baby's skin)
    Spicy food (also bad for baby's skin)
    shrimps / prawns

    BTW, my bowels movement were better than before pregnancy. I guess the reason was because I drank at least 2 liter water and had yoghart/milk each day.

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    Am so happy for you. The first scan is normally at 7-8 weeks.

    The only foods I avoided for the first 3 months were soft cheeses, raw meat, sushi, and coca cola. I used to love having a glass of diet coke at dinner. For me that was the hardest.

    I was conspitated around the 2nd trimester and papaya helped. Perhaps you can try Prune juice or prunes.

    Re meats. You don't need to give them up. Just make sure everything is cooked thoroughly.

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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