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baby kicking- worried

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    baby kicking- worried

    I am 33 weeks pregnant and last night the baby seemed to have a "seizure" in utero. It woke me up and felt very different from the usual kicking, hiccups, squirming. My whole belly shook very violently about 10 times in a row, there was a pause and it happened again. After that, baby was quite active for a awhile- kicking, squirming, etc. I will of course mention this to the doctor (next visit on Thursday- but I am going to Tsan Yuk, where it's difficult to get immediate attention & satsifactory answers). In the meantime, has anyone else experienced this kind of kicking/ shaking during pregnancy? Thanks for your feedback. Hopefully I'm being paranoid!

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    I have not experienced this. If I were you I would go and talk to my GP first about it, just to put your mind at rest.

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    Since the "seizure" how has the baby's movments been ? Is it back to normal, reduced or increased ? It is usually advised that if you feel frantic movements or lack of movements then you should see a doctor. Tsan Yuk is a MCHC, they will not deal with emergency situations. In this case you would have to go to the A&E dept at QM hospital where you will be giving birth right ? On the other hand if you have a private doctor you go to, you could go to him/her to make sure the baby is doing fine.

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