Public facilities is definitely a necessary backup.

I had all my check ups at private practice but delivered at public hospital. I only registered at public facilities when I was over 30 weeks. Glad that I did as I had an emergency C-section which would have costed me over $70K at St Paul's Hospital, which was not covered by insurance.

Another new mum in my ward had high fever when she delivered and had to have an emergency c-section. Both the baby girl and the mum had to stay for almost 2 weeks for tests and observation. Had she been in a private hospital, she'd be thrown out after a week tops then referred to public facilities for those tests on the baby.

However, not all public hospitals receive good reviews. I used Pamela Youde in Chai Wan which I am quite happy with (I had c-section and I could walk the next day. It wasn't even painful for me, I only took painkiller for the first 2 days). I heard Queen Mary is also good. And it appears that hospitals in Kowloon and NT are not popular.