Hi Kylie,

I think "silent reflux" is where the baby has reflux (heartburn) but no vomit comes out, I think the vomit is blocked near the top of the oesophagus, so it's hard to tell that they have reflux. My brother's baby had it, and it took a long time to be diagnosed. Doctors are reluctant to prescribe reflux meds (Gaviscon) for babies under 6 weeks if there is no evidence of the reflux. Basically in "silent reflux" the acidic vomit comes out of the stomach, up the oesophagus and then goes back down again which can be very painful. However if the baby is fine when she drinks formula, that is unlikely to be the problem because both types of milk should have a similar effect. If you still think that might be the problem, try breastfeeding her in a more upright position and also elevating her mattress, and see if that makes any difference.

With the bottle feeding, make sure the teat is a slow-flowing one because a fast-flowing one is more likely to interfere with the breastfeeding, where the milk flow slows down once your letdown is over. My baby usually pulls off the breast after only a few minutes, not in pain but she gets bored or frustrated once the flow slows down, and that's without any bottle feedings complicating matters. In fact I am afraid to introduce bottles even though I have to go back to work soon, because I am concerned she will prefer the even flow from a bottle, and I want her to breastfeed at least up to one year. If you have the same issue, I found that breast compression helped. You can find a how-to guide at http://www.kellymom.com/newman/15bre...mpression.html. I do it when my baby is starting to lose interest and it does help her stay on the breast a little longer.