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Giving defrost expressed milk.

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    Giving defrost expressed milk.

    I've been saving the unused breastmilk in the freezer, and now I want to give them to my daughter. The problem is my daughter is now 4 months, the oldest milk was saved when she was 2 months, that milk was not as creamy as that of wt I have now. So is it ok if I just give those to her directly or is it better if I mix with more recent milk so that the milk is not too watery for her?
    please advice.

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    what i did was, i just defrost the milk & gave to baby even if the milk was 2 or 3 or 4 mths old. if you have extra fresh milk at hand, so mix. but don't worry about it even if you just give her the 2 month old milk.

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    ALL of your breast milk is good for your baby no matter how old it is. Your milk does, however, constantly change. It is different from the beginning of the feed to the end of the feed, from the beginning of the day to the end of the day and as your baby grows. Also your milk will be different from the next mother breastfeeding , even if your babies are the same age. This is why I always find the formula companies claim “Our formula is closest to breast milk” a laugh – whose breast milk are they comparing their formula to?

    You can’t really say much about your milk from the colour of it. Colostrum tends to be orange or yellow in colour because it has lots of beta-carotene in it. (Beta-caroteme is the anti-oxidant in carrots which makes carrots orange in colour.) Transition milk (between the second day and the fourteenth day after birth) is usually very white in colour whereas mature milk is usually a bluey white.

    The things you eat can colour your milk, for example lots of beetroot will make pink milk and lots of greens will make green milk!

    But all of it is good for the baby.

    Best wishes,

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