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Diapers and Wipes

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    As I said, I've never had leaks with the nappies I use.

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    We've always used Pampers and never experienced any leakage problems either. I like the ones with the stripe down the middle to indicate when they are wet or not.

    As for wipes, the only thing I use are the Japanese brand BABY cleaning cotton. They are fantastic and highly recommended. I just leave a few moistened cotton squares next to my changing table. They are available at Mannings and Watsons now. I would not use the commercial cleaning wipes on baby's bottom when they are newborns.

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    Agree with niutalent and others about only using water on newborns. My babies' skin was all red and blotchy for a few weeks so didn't want to use anything else. If you are concerned about this, ask what they use at your hospital! (I only thought about this afterwards.)

    As to which nappy causes fewer leaks, I have used Pampers and Huggies and I think it depends on baby's shape. Huggies have elasticated waists which help prevent splurges up the back. Pampers fit my babies better around their skinny legs. If you get a lot of leaks up the back from Pampers, try Huggies, and leaks at the legs, try Pampers. Or use a waterproof cover used with cloth nappies, that you can find in Bumps to Babes (Kushies brand) or better ones from You will have have fewer leaks onto clothes but nappy changes will take a little longer.

    In fact I normally use cloth nappies after the newborn stage, and have WAY fewer leaks with cloth nappies. I never take a change of clothes out with my baby because her nappies never leak. If I am out for a full day and switch to disposables because I don't want to carry too many wet nappies, I have to take a change of clothes also for the leaking disposables. But it's hard to get a good fit for newborns with their skinny legs - there are cloth nappies designed for newborns but they are not very economical seeing as they will not be used for long.

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    Merries M size

    Quote Originally Posted by jaetee View Post
    Thanks for all the wipes suggestions. So for diapers, seems we cant get any non-leaking ones in HK? :( Anywhere we can get the Merries brand?
    Hi Jaetee,

    You can order Merries online from East West Trading ( But you have to order 2 boxes (6 bags) before they deliver for free for HK island and N.T. (just one box for Kowloon).

    I wonder what size your baby is now. I got 2 boxes of Merries M size for my daughter and it's getting a bit too small for her now. I still have 5 bags left (68 pcs/bag). Wondering if you would like to buy a bag from me to try. I'd just sell it at the original price i.e. HK$130/bag.

    Please PM me if you're interested.

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