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Bassinet/sky cot

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    Bassinet/sky cot

    We will soon to be flying with SA Airlines with our 6 month old baby. I know the maximum weight for the baby is 10kg. Does anyone know the maximum length?. The Airline said they couldnt guarentee a bassinet for us cause our baby is too old!. Our baby is only 7.60kg in weight and we have reserved the bulkhead seats. Your advise and comments much appreciated.

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    Bassinet and baby seat belt on CX flights

    Had bulk head seat with bassinet on a recent flight to manila. The cx bassinet was quite small. It was barely long enough to fit my 7 month boy. The bassinet did not have much space for the baby to move around so he was kind of stuck with the position he's put down. So if you have a bigger/older/active baby, it might not fit.

    As to the baby seat belt -- it was just a nightmare! 1) I couldn't get the baby to sit. He wanted to stand and he kept turning and kicking his legs so the seat belt would always slid to his ankles. 2) baby was asleep both landings. One time I was holding him laid down sideway, another time in front, and the baby seat belt had to be really loose to achieve those positions so I'm not sure if it would function properly should there be turbulance or worse. 3) when the adult's seat belt was fastened, the buckle would be right at the lower back of the baby making it extremely uncomfortable even if the baby would sit.

    I don't even know if I was using the seat belt correctly.

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    At six and a half months our son was 74cm and was just able to, length ways, fit into the bassinet. He wasn't able to lie completely straight but was more than happy to sleep in it. He woke up every 3-4 hrs (completely normal for him) but I wouldn't really want him sleeping like that for anymore than that at once.

    Airlines do tend to ask you the age of your baby and then say wether you can or can not have the bassinet, which is ridiculous because babies vary so much in size and weight and age isn't necessarily a good indication of wether they will fit! Once on board just ask the steward/ess for the bassinet and they will more than likely bring it to you if you make a point of letting them know how much your baby weighs.

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    The bassinet on CX is already wider and longer than the one on TG, which is good for up to 6 months old/65 cm. long, or 10 kg. whichever comes FIRST. I suspect that SA might carry a similar bassinet as on TG, but can't be sure though...

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