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Looking for a DH... any recommendations?

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    Looking for a DH... any recommendations?

    Anybody has good recommendations for a DH?

    I had fired my DH whilst we were holidaying in my home country.
    She has been so defiant that she outrightly told me to get my mum's DH to do the chores that I wanted her to do!
    All I wanted her to do is to clean the foot rest of the family car as my little girl had been rolling all over the footings of the car during such car rides! It's about hygiene!

    I do understand that the car is not MY car but come on... it is a give and take situation... .Moreover, we uses the car too!My mum's DH helps out with the caring of my girl whilst we were there as well.

    I think she is just too calculative for her own good... forgetting that we bring her on most of our family trips since working with us for slightly more than a year, we have brought her to see Angkor Watt in Cambodia, Merlion in Singapore and hee hee.. Disney in HK... aND if she is still around, she will be going with us to BKK and Taiwan in Dec!

    Lots of friends has been amazed that I could put up with her nonsence, especially her rude behaviour... but then I always believes that she is the hand that rocks the cradle... so treat her well and hope that she will change... but it never happen..... so the lesson is that if they are RUDE and DEFIANT... it require immediate sacking... leopard never changes its spot!

    Now, back to my problem... I need some recommendations for a good DH... actually have also approached an agency for help ...
    main requirement is to help me take care of my girl.. 17 months & do household chores .. house is only 1,000 sqft
    there is only my hubby and myself (occassionally visiting inlaws)
    Good natured and good with baby
    prefer one that is slightly over 30 years and married with kids (so that they are more emotionally stable and know how to handle kids)
    I am willing to hire someone with previous work experiences if I have good references on them.
    Pls help!


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    Hi Arwen

    Sorry things didn't work out. Did you check the geoexpat classifieds? there are a couple of good ads placed by leaving employers. here's one

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Very good helper available

    Hi Arwen,

    To bad that it didn't work out with your helper.

    We are sadly enough leaving Hong Kong in February and also leave behind a very good helper. She is indepent doing the cleaning and things around the house, wich I really like. I never have to tell her that she has to clean things again. And if I have special request she will also do it.
    She is very good with childeren and takes care of my 16 month old daughter.
    And she is a very good cook.
    She is 39 years old, single mother with a daughter of 5 years old.

    If you want more information about her, or just want to talk about my experience with her, just call 97292810 or e-mail [email protected] me.


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    Roosmarijn, your email address doesnt work....

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