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Flying with Baby

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    Flying with Baby


    I am going to be takinga 4 hour flight from Hong Kong to Singapore with my 8 week old breast fed daughter. Luckily no time change to contend with.

    Any tips for the trip would be appreciated.

    Getting stressed as the trip draws closer.



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    you'll be amazed with how much easier it is than you think.

    when my son was 5 months i took him to canada by myself. it was 17 hours from the time we left the flat until we got into the hotel room in vancouver. we then had another 5 hours the next day to travel.

    my son only slept for 2 hours out of the 17! but he was so well behaved, barely cried at all and was a pleasure. people behind me knew i was alone and even offered to take him for around 1 hour until he was ready for his next feed.

    4 hours should be relatively painless! just make sure that on take-off and landing the baby is sucking. try ot fit the feedings around those times. the sucking helps relieve the pressure build up.

    good luck and relax! i think travelling with a toddler is much more difficult than with a bf baby!

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    I and my son flew to L.A. when he was 7 weeks old. I was really concerned, but come to think about it now, it was probably the easiest flight I had with him...

    Make sure you have spare clothes for both baby and you in case of spit-up, lots of wet wipes, blanket for baby (I think airline blankets are just too coarse).

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    We flew last week with our four week old baby and I was stressed about it in the build up to the flight, but there was no need! Basically our son slept and ate throughout the flight as he would at home- he didn't even notice the take off and landing- I fed him during both take off and landing. I was amazed at how easy it was.
    We also got more attention from the air hostess who were just wonderful, they kept bringing me bottles of water and serving us our food first etc.
    I would reccomend dressing your baby in layers so you can take and put clothes on as the temp. fluctuates quite a lot on the plane.

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    I agree, the younger they are the easier it is. Of course you will be stressed, because that is the nature of parenthood, but really it will go well. It is when they are toddlers that you really have to be concerned.

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