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Moving to HK with DH?How to apply Visa?

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    Cool Moving to HK with DH?How to apply Visa?

    We are moving to HK from Singapore, and would like to move with our lovely DH. She is kind with great heart. My daughters love her and she becomes part of our family.
    Could anyone advise how to apply the visa for her? Have checked with maid agency but all said she need to go back to Indonesia and pay a great deal of charges.
    Anyone can help?

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    pok fu lam

    Hi, we just moved from sin 3 mths ago. We brought our filipino DH from sin. It is definitely a very long and tedious procedure, also very costly. We spent a total of about S$3500. On top of this, we had to exit HK 2 times while waiting for her work permit to be approved, I had to call the immigration dept everyday to speed up the process, and my poor hubby had to go to the immigration several times. Finally we got her work permit and we are so relieved!! You are right that Indonesians have to go back before going to HK. My agent ever told me that it's rather difficult to bring indonesians in and because of this few agents do direct hire for indonesians.
    By the way where will you be staying in HK?
    Hope my info helps!

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