The part sbout travelling that really scares me (other than an international flight with a 1 and 3 year old!) is the time change. I do not cope well with this normally, never mind when having to wake up over and over because the children can't sleep! For us the difference is14 hours. Any tips or tricls to make the jet lag easier on toddlers and parents? Last time I did this trip, when we arrived in Hong Kong I had about 15 hours of sleep in 5 days, I just could not sleep!!. I would go to bed between 10-12, when ever I got sleepy, and then when the baby was up at 2;00 am to feed, I could not sleep, despite being exhausted, until 10-12 the next day again. I have an autoimmnue disease, so the stress of not sleeping made me have an episode of that, then I got to navigat my way through an unfailiar medical system. I just cannot cope with all of that again.