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milk supplies

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    When my husband tried feeding our daughter, he tried to hold her in a similar position to the one she was used to when feeding from me, i.e. on her side rather than on her back. This might help as the more you can mimic the way she has been fed the more likely she is to take from the bottle.

    There is also a bottle on the market (I think they sell it from Bumps to Babes) where you can squeeze the bottle so that the baby gets some milk and then may realise that there is milk coming and might start to feed. It's the bottle that Tracy Hogg the Baby Whisperer recommended.

    It might also be worth just choosing one teat and trying that one, as I say my friend just persevered and tried every day, until her little one got the idea.

    Try to relax. As I said this is not the only way to get milk into her there are also feeding beakers on the market, so all is not lost.


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    Thanks Jools

    Will try perseverance and feeding beakers if necessary. We have settled on the tommee tippee bottle as we at least got 1 oz down her the other day using it (through much screaming and distress!).

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