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Which bottles/nipples for newborns?

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    no pumping before birth although you can manually (by hand) express yr breasts before birth and produce colostrum

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    somebodyfamous - just pmed you. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaetee
    Which bottle/nipples are recommended for newborns, especially one that will be primarily breastfed (hopefully)? I have seen the Dr. Browns, the Tommee Tippee and the Avents the most - any recs please??

    Thanks. :)
    Hi Jaetee. My son now already 21 months but still drink milk in the bottle. Tried giving him with cup but he refused to drink. From birth until now he uses Avent for Milk and Pigeon for water and juices at the later stages. But my Son does not like the nipples with the Rib so i get the round nipples for his pigeon bottles. We do not get the round nipples here in Hk but i get it from Jakarta - Indonesia. But I am really happy with Avent. Its long lasting as well.
    Whereas for the pump i have ever bought Pigeon brand but my milk was not enough so i cant breastfeed for long...Sad but no choice as My son always drink more of Formula Milk.
    I wish you all the Best for the Breastfeeding...

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