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Fibroid - Uterine Artery Embolization

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    Fibroid - Uterine Artery Embolization

    I have a fibroid around the size of a melon (20cm). Although it generally doesn't cause too much discomfort, I was contemplating having the UAE procedure done to make it smaller.

    Has anyone ever done this in HK? With which doctor, and would you recommend it? Or maybe someone can recommend other treatments for large fibroids?


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    sorry for his late reply. (and i am using my husband's account).

    i had this exact procedure done in october at the canossa hospital. i chose dr joe chan. he is a fantastic dr with a great bedside manner. he took a lot of time explaning the procedure to me and my husband. i don't have his card handy, but if you go a google search for him, i am sure you will come up with his name. he previously worked for many years at the queen mary hospital.

    again, if you do some googling you will see the different options for fibroid removal, but whether it can be removed laproscopically also depends on where it is located.

    the canossa was fantastic. i have stayed at the matilda, queen mary, adventist, and canossa all for prolonged periods of time, and canossa was a lovely experience. spotlessly clean, unobtrusive staff, quiet, convenient. they let the kids visit whenever, and they were so kind.

    hope this helps. i know this is a late response.

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