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Recently the weather is getting cold and I don't want to wake up to go to work!

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    Recently the weather is getting cold and I don't want to wake up to go to work!

    The weather is getting cold and I just want to sleep and don't want to get up to go to work! And I have been late to the office few times last months. My husband asked me if I want to quit and stay at home. Of course I don't want to but I afraid when the weather is getting more cold I will be .....

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    Hmm, is the cold weather really the only factor here? Sounds like that alone would not be enough to make you want to quit work. If I'm wrong, maybe consider a heater on a timer switch, so it warms up your room an hour before you wake up.

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    could you work part time

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    here i'm sweating it out trying to fall asleep at night. think it's ashame to turn on the air-con when it is comfortable outside...last night ended up sleeping without pj's BUT WITH an ice-pack under my head to cool me off!!!

    i would love it to drop 4-5 more degrees at night!

    i used to sleep with my windows open year round in canada... actually by mid-winter, i didn't have any choice as they were frozen open by that point! they were open even in -40 C!!!! it was wonderful i had a waterbed that was nice and warm and the air around me was frigid! i had the best sleeps of my life then!

    oh well...higher electric bills here as i have the air-con on about 10.5 months/year!

    as for working....don't know what that has to do with the temp. you could try getting yourself an electric heating pad or if you have a helper ask her to put your bathrobe into the drier for a few minutes before you wake up so that it will be nice and warm.

    ps. its also nice to do this to towels or clothes in the deepest, darkest, coldest of days here! kids love it! they can get out of their bath and into a lovely warm towel!

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    Most of ppls do not want to work,right? if you husband earn enough money, then you no need to work and can stay at home! Otherwise, for the purpose to earn more money, you should wake up early... I want to quit job also!

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