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AR pillow for reflux

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    AR pillow for reflux

    My baby was diagnosed with reflux and kept on throwing up until about 6 months old. I bought her something called an "AR Pillow" which elevates baby to a 30-degree angle. Baby can feed on top of the pillow and is also supposed to stay there for 15-20 minutes after feed to let the milk "sink in". (Or be put there after breastfeeding, which is what I did.)

    However my baby was already almost 4 months old when I finally got it shipped to HK, and being a super-duper active baby, she just wouldn't wanna be bundled up there. So now I'm left with a 90%-new pillow with no use. (No, no throw-up episodes up there whatsoever, don't worry.)

    I bought the pillow 9 months ago, and after several tries, I washed everything and put it back into its original plastic packing. The pillow was US$60, the 2 spare pillowcases (100% cotton) US$10, and shipping to HK was US$45. If you have a younger baby (preferably under 3 months) with reflux or if your baby is not as hyper as mine, you could give it a try. I'm selling the set for HK$300.

    Please come pick them up at the Mid Levels.

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