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My posting was removed for telling the truth!!!

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    My posting was removed for telling the truth!!!

    I was responding to the 'A Horrible Toddlers Gym' that was posted by hkbabychat a few days ago, giving an account of the truth that was conviniently missed out by the orignal poster. I was at the scene when it all happened and babychat did not give the full account of the whole incident. I thought I would write and explain so that other readers out there could see the whole truth. It was then posted on for like 15minutes and then it was permenently removed and now the thread is close. What is this all about?

    I am shocked that my posting was removed because I was giving an detailed account on what EXACTLY took place that afternoon and maybe simply because it wasn't on hkbabychat's side, the forum administrator has decide to 'delete it'.

    So, don't believe what you read on any of the forum posting 'cause it may have been 'edited'


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    Both the parties have had their say and I do not wish to have a third person and more issues dragged into this.

    Given our experience in running online forums, when we let threads like the one mentioned run with a free for all spirit, things will go downhill.

    Sorry if you feel you've been wronged in this issue.. but I'm not going to allow anymore discussions on this topic.

    I've told Gerald to take up further issues with the original poster and not engage in any more discussions online and he's ok with it.

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