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The difference between playpens and cribs?

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    The difference between playpens and cribs?

    Can anyone tell me what is the difference between a playpen and crib, besides their actual obvious physical differences? Are there differences in functions? We are preparing for our first baby and are wondering if we need to buy both or if getting either or is enough, at least in the beginning. What do you find that you used more often?

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    i would think that a crib, designed for sleeping is much better for just that...sleeping.

    a playpen is designed to keep a baby/toddler safe for short periods of time. they can be used for sleeping, but i would only suggest it for short periods of time, or in emergencies, like you are on a holiday and that is all that is available.

    i would get the crib first. then after a few months, the playpen. it isn't really necessary. i found that we ended up using ours as a toybox because my son HATED being in it. he much prefered the floor. a young baby doesn't become mobile until after 6 months, so it is perfectly safe to put the baby on the floor to play. once they are crawling, then you can still let them play on the floor but you need to be much more cautious.

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    there are always so many playpens for sale second hand! I don't think they can be very useful - either that or they are only useful for a short period of time.

    the arm's reach co-sleeper ( converts to a playpen, which I think is a useful thing. It's a crib that attaches to the side of the bed and is only used in the first 6-9 months (when you probably don't need a playpen) and then converts to playpen after that.

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