My sister is just under 37 weeks pregnant with her second child. She has just felt the "lightening" today; the baby dropping into the pelvis. We know that with first births, this can happen weeks before the onset of labour, but what about with second births? The information I can find on the net suggests that it may be much more of a predictor of imminent labour in second births. Would be very good to know as she lives in Perth, Western Australia, and her husband is currently working in a remote area of northern WA. He could take up to two days to reach her pending chopper transfers etc. He is due back normally on Monday but she is not sure whether she should call him back early.

Those who've had multiple births, what is your experience of the delay between "lightening" and labour?

Please note that I already realise there a possible delay of weeks with first births. :Butbut I'm specifically hoping for info on subsequent births.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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