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montessori versus traditional prep school

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    Smile Woodlands?

    We just moved from the US where my 19-month old son was involved with lots of classes at different venues. Now in Hong Kong I understand that a formal playgroup is a good way to go to prepare them for preschool. Douglas is very social, loves to play, knows his colors, numbers, and letters, and right now really misses interacting with other kids. We move into our new apartment in Pokfulam at Bel-Air in a few weeks. I have heard good things about the Woodlands playgroups, but the best one seems to be in Repulse Bay (Tai Tam sounds good too, but a little too far). Would anyone at this time recommend the Woodlands Repulse Bay (not Montessori one) or should I try something in Pokfulam? I appreciate any advice!

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    you could try the Woodlands Montessori in Mid-Levels (Caine Rd), my 3yr old attends the pre-school and loves it. They have playgroup for 18mth plus.

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    NYCMom - heard from a Belair Mom that a number of kids go to Sunshine House in Pok Fu Lam. Also worth a visit.

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    Woodland Montessori in Tai Tam

    Quote Originally Posted by met_74 View Post
    I have very good experiences with the woodland montessori tai tam. My youngest son is in steppingstones (will be going to pre-school in Jan.) and my oldest son is in pre-school. At first they weren both going to the Sunshine House but that was a disaster. I still don't know why my son hated it so much. Maybe the fact he had homework at age 3,3 years did not help. And the fact there is more learning and less playing in that school. Anyway we were at a point that my son was crying every day, not wanting to go to school and my youngest son did not like the playgroup so I had to carry him in the school cause he refused to go in by himself. Then in the middele of the year I moved them both to Woodland Montessori Tai Tam. What a difference! They are both very happy to go to school.
    The teachers are nice and the headteacher is always open for anything. For instance: they really look at the child when it is ready to go to stepping stones or pre-school. My son is almost 3 years and still he is in stepping stones because he is not ready for pre-school. Other kids are 2,5 when they start pre-school, it reallly depents on the child rather then age.

    Anyway, if you have anymore questions I am happy to answer them.
    I am thinking about moving my 3-year old from the Montessori School for Children in STanley to the Woodlands MOntessori school in Tai Tam/Redhill Plaza.
    What are you thoughts on it now?
    Have they changed?
    It's now 2008 and I had a tour recently and the facility is new and nice, the space on rooftop is great for running around, however, I am hesitant as the reviews and rumors around town have really made the woodlands group a scare! They are also very expensive and seemed a bit money-oriented? You even have to pay for the summer when you are not here? Wow!
    20 kids with 2 teachers and need to be potty-trained? My little one is about 75% there in the daytime.
    The ratio seems high and the teachers seem okay, however, a bit strict and high maintenance. I can't see them soil their hands even once to change a soiled underwear (i.e.).
    Do they truly get enough Mandarin to make a difference?
    What about the statements on children being neglected by the teacher etc?
    Thanks I appreciate your candid comments!

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    i am looking for a pre-school in Repulse Bay for my 1 year old. Does anyone have any advice. I am specifically looking at Woodland Montessori.

    Thank you


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