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Internal Bleeding

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    Internal Bleeding

    Hi, I'm about 13 weeks pregnant and the doctor says there is a tiny bit of internal bleeding due to the placenta forming. He first noticed this in week 9 and it still has not gone away completely yet. I've noticed no bleeding but there has been a slightly brown discharge on two occasions. The doctor ordered no exercise or intercourse. Is this normal? Should I be worried?

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    I 'm 14 weeks pgnt and had a similar experience. I started bleeding very slightly 2 weeks ago and went to the dr. He said I have a low lying placenta and that may have caused the bleeding. Over time for most women, as the uterus expands, the placenta makes it way up. The dr asked that I abstain from intercourse, exercise of any kind, and rest as much as I can. Good news is the baby looks fine and h/b is normal. I'd say what you're experiencing is nothing to get worked up about. Rest up and keep a close watch on happens. Does yr u/s show blood on it?

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    i'd wouldn't be too worried about it. it happens to a lot of women. but do listen to your doc's advice & bed rest as much as possible. if necessary maybe ask your doc to write several day-off notes for you for your job. so that you have an excuse to stay in bed & rent some DVDs. =) it'd be nice to take several days off!!

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