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new play gym

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    new play gym

    We just started going to a new play gym with my 15 month old and its such a nice place I wanted to share--its called JWT and it has equipment/set-up quite similar to My Gym, but with far fewer kids per class (its new) and I feel the instruction is very useful stuff that we could do at home. We've been to 3 other play gyms and I find the instructors in this one to be the best. I actually found out about it in the resources section of Geobaby, so thanks Rani!

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    Welcome! Nice to see you back

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    Thumbs up Is it the one in 8 Wyndham Street? If so,

    Fully agreed. My boy just love that place so much and always reluctant to leave after class. Personally, i prefer a neat, tidy and roomy environment for my kid and doesn't want to be packed with so many kids at the same time, or else, the instructors may not have given enough attention to every kid within the class. This is the right place for me, never too crowded and hope they will keep it that way.

    I have one more personal reason to like this place, its location. My office is just secs away and can sneak out to join my kid easily. Also,no need to walk all the way up to My Gym. No offend to My Gym, my boy attends to both Gyms anyway and they are both nice, just that this new gym save me a lot of exercise. :)

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    Miguelito is offline Registered User
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    truth about JWT kids gym (and Little Gym)

    I find it quite suspicious when I read such sparkling reviews of yet another new kids education centre so I decided to check it out for myself and also interview people in person who know the centre. Not surprising, I found the following about JWT Kids Gym:

    - classes are small at JWT because they are unable to get sufficient enrollment

    - loyalty at JWT is poor, which is a bad sign (the above is a reflection of this)

    - JWT classes are currently poor quality based on in-person observation (and this is compared to MyGym, Little Gym, Gymboree and Panda Junction, which are all not even that great either)

    - Instructors are NOT good quality (maybe the reviewers on this board were the exception) but my observation compares multiple gyms and I have been reviewing these programs for nearly six years now so I think I know what I'm talking about.

    - Customer service is currently second to worst at JWT, the last place honors goes to The Little Gym.

    And before you think that I am making any of this up, check the very busy message boards at Baby Kingdom, especially this one all about the terrible Little Gym:

    and this one that has quite a few people fuming about JWT:

    A horrible toddlers gym

    These are only two postings. If you search, you will find many, many more that comment on how poor these programs are. I'm saying that unbiased too, I didn't even get as poorly treated as you'll read on these messages.

    The only program that has the LEAST negative about it is Panda Junction and even that program has many issues. My suggestion is forget about these kids gyms and go for a sports or music class somewhere.

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    eplo19 is offline Registered User
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    really? i've enrolled my daughter at The Little Gym since she was 101/2 months and she's a year old now and she loves it there.

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    joannek is offline Registered User
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    i wanna say my opinion in defend of the gyms.

    my daughter goes to both MyGym & JWT, and she loves them both. MyGym is like going to a party once a wk. the atmosphere is great, the instructor enjoys themselves & have a lot of fun, and there is a lot of ppl, most of their classes are full, so 13 kids & 16 adults. it's just one big party hour.

    whereas at JWT, it's more mellow. yes, their instructor don't speak as good english & i must admit the first several times i was there, i had no idea what some of the instructors are saying. but i brought my kid there not to learn english, but to learn to co-ordinate herself physically. since class sizes are smaller, the 3 instructors can teach the kids individually. they are patient, gentle & kind. you can tell that Peter, one of the instructors who look quite intimidating cos he's so well built, genuinely love kids, and he's very nice to the kids, and he obviously have a passion in teaching the children what he knows. my daughter learnt to walk the balance beam & climb robes in 2 separate classes. my daughter didn't learn much at my gym, but it's great fun to be there.

    when i signed up for JWT, i was going to check it out & decide which one to drop at the end of the "course". my daughter love them both & these 2 appear similar, but they are actually different.

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    hongkonger is offline Registered User
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    Unfortunately, just because a child loves their class does not necessarily mean it's any good. This is my first time posting here and the advice here is excellent! Great job, Geobaby! I hope we can get more people sharing their experience.

    I completely agree with the other people. If you take a look at the links that Miguelito posted above, it's pretty obvious that the little gym is no good. It's interesting that over 25 people have written how terrible little gym is and yet this center is still around. I guess there are still a lot of new parents in Hong Kong who either don't read or believe these forums.

    I have friends who have done trials at almost all of the "kids gyms" in Hong Kong and they've shared with me that The Little Gym's program and, especially the staff (annoying sales people, insensitive management and unqualified instructors), are the worst in Hong Kong. I truly believe that this Little Gym is dangerous for students, both physically and emotionally. (and ditto on what has been shared about JWT. terrible! although the other gyms are also not great, I'm in complete agreement with everyone, these two are the worst. forget "kids gyms" altogether!)

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    Folks .. I have to shut this thread down because there is a lot of potential for abuse -- as someone has multiple IDs and is talking to themselves.

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