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Portion of solids

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    Portion of solids


    My boy is 9 months old and has been eating solids since 4 months and he's a good eater. HOwever, weight gain is slow though he eats a lot. I'm just wondering when you add meat /fish to his congee, usually you add how much? 1 to 2 slice, or in other words, what's the portion?

    Please advise.


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    maybe try something with a little more...umph... than congee. congee is like eating soup. there's not much substance. try some purees, like carrots, yams, potatoes mixed in with regular, soft cooked rice. then you can add a little meat/fish to that as well.

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    By the time my kids were 9 months old, I put the same proportion of meat or fish in their congee that I would eat myself.

    Other things that they ate:

    Cheerios (dry)
    Small pieces for hard cheese
    yoghurt & ricotta
    mushed-up anything - potatoes, carrots, etc.
    If (for example) I had some chicken soup w/ vegetables, I would take some, add in some rice, make sure it was sufficiently soft, and feed them.

    But, my kids were easy eaters then. They got a bit more picky when they passed 2 years-old. My eldest is now 10 and she is begining to get a lot less picky & more adventurous in her eating.

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