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winter soup recipes

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    Hi Kimmi,

    I have been using the steamer to make congee for my girl since she is 6 months old. Now she is 19 months and still has her congee twice a day.

    I have tried to just boil the congee but the texture turn out to be very rough... my girl will normally kick up a big fuss and refuse to eat.. can't blame her though cos I wouldn't want to eat it myself.

    Here is what I put into her congee:
    Corn, 4 rings and dice finely (add in the core for flavor)
    Carrot, a few slices (to be mashed before serving)
    Pumpkin , a small chunk (mashed before serving)
    Tomato, a small quarter (mashed before serving)
    Pork (for flavor)
    Barley (a small teaspoon), good for cooling the body if baby is also on formula milk.
    Vegetables.. to be chopped for pureed
    Alternate between chicken, beef and fish for protein

    Put all the above in except for vegetables and the chicken/beef/fish and steam for min 2 hours..
    15 minutes before servicing, add in the vegetables and chicken/beef/fish.


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    Thanks Arwen I will give it a try

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    Hi I wish I was as organised as Arwen!
    HOwever if you are not organised like me then 2 hours prep for lunch is too much advanced planning!
    This is my fast recipe. I usually put it all on before I have a shower and then there is enough time for some brekkie before baby wakes from her nap and its usually ready by then

    I use the medium grain rice (there is a small bag of organic medium grain rice from SunRice available. I think I got it from Welcome)
    This gives a smoother texture than long grain.
    If I have been good and made some chick or fish stock then I will cook the jook in this otherwise I just use plain water.
    I use about 1 chinese soup spoon of rice and cover with about 11/2 " water.. this is enough for my 1 yr old for 2 meals (this will depend on how much your baby eats)
    Add more liquid if the jook looks dry and the grains are still not as soft as you like.
    I usually add some chopped veg into a small colander that just fits over my pot and cover it all with a lid. The veg cooks well by the time the jook is done and you can process or mash with a fork before adding it to your cooked jook.
    You can also steam the meat like this (i usually mince the meat with my chopper as I think store bought mince is a bit too fat) and place it in a chinese side plate mixed with a little water and a tiny bit of cornflour to help with the texture.. but this is completely optional. I just place the plate in the colander and cover it with the lid.
    ( I have balanced the plate on top of the veg before as well and it cooked fine)
    Or you can simmer the meat in the jook when it is almost ready and remove and process to the right texture.
    Add all your veg and meat to the jook when its ready and stir through.
    Let simmer for a few mins. and dish out. remember to cool as jook gets really really hot!!

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    I made congee with my slow cooker. I put my bubs favourite veg in with a teaspoon of slow sodium veg stock, brown rice and lots of water. I cooked it on low for about 6 hours. I put it on just after breakfast and my baby ate it for dinner, I just put the rest in the freezer.

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