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Is the Carnival worth going?

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    Is the Carnival worth going?

    Passed by Central today and noticed that they have a carnival set up. Has anyone been there and is it worth taking the little one (he's 3.5). On the web, it states they have a morning or night session which one is better? any comments/review would be appreciated.

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    My husband and I took my six year old and her seven year old cousin earlier this week. They could only go on a few of the rides because of the height restrictions.
    Most of the rides you have to be at least 120 cms. There were a few rides that are just for children and a few that you can go on if 100 cms if you have an adult with you.

    There are lots of games as well as rides but none of us were any good at any of these – we came away with only the smallest of prizes.

    My older two children (aged 19 and 16) both really enjoyed it. They were tall enough to go on all the rides, like being scared and my daughter’s boyfriend was clever at winning soft toys too. (This meant that it didn’t matter that my husband and I didn’t win any as he gave a stitch toy to my youngest.)

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    D's playgroup is going this week. Will let you know how it goes.

    PS: Welcome back!

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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