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How much milk should a 10-week old baby be drinking?

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    ren1909, although some people find that their babies sleep longer after drinking formula due to it taking longer to digest, many people find it makes no difference. I've never given formula to my babies at nighttime, but have not found that the amount my babies have eaten or drank has any effect on how long they sleep. My firstborn once had a marathon sleep after refusing her bedtime breastfeed! They have usually tended to sleep longer when they have been in a relaxed frame of mind before they go to bed.

    So observe what effect formula has on your own baby's sleep habits before assuming it will help your baby sleep through the night. Particularly given that skipping that breastfeed at night is bound to affect your supply, not to mention that breastfeeding in the night is easier than preparing bottles!

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    For some, taking fenugreek capsule & blessed thistle capsule and drinking Mother's Milk Tea help to increase their milk supply. Also, when you pump, use the 10-10-10 method. Good luck!

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    Thanks for all you help! Your advice is very useful! i am not sure how long i can continue breast feeding after i go back to work but i will try my best! What is 10-10-10 method?

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    This is a very interesting topic, thanks for sharing it.

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    I work and have been breastfeeding and pumping from the office. Just relax and if you don't have enough milk, supplement with formula. My baby only drinks about 24oz a day but is in the 90 percentile so don't worry.

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