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Domestic Helper Needed for Special Needs Baby

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    Mok Tse Che, Sai Kung

    Guess who's not had a lot of sleep of late??? I.

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    dbonks uk,

    Can't trust the cv, not even the diplomas... they sell that cheap in streets of manila. You'd need to interview the prospect yourself otherwise might end up having to go through the painful process again. There are DH here who are about to finish their contracts or have lived in HK for 7 yrs thus free to seek employment. If you don't mind the trouble, you can visit one of the churches Filipinos go to, and ask the pastor there to refer someone to you.

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    it doesn't matter if a domestic helper lives in hk for 20 years, if they have been here on a domestic helper visa, they will NEVER be eligible for perm res status or be able to take up "any" employment.

    sorry db, not much help for you, just wanted to clarify.

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    Have you contacted the Child Development Centre at the Matilda?
    FDHs are not usually employed for their teaching skills - see if the CDC can provide that or consider hiring a 'proper' nanny (no idea on this-sorry).

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    I got the number of the helper that I mentioned. Will PM it to you tonight. Not sure if you noticed the other thread on new contracts for Filipino helpers. Everything seems to be a bit of a mess at the moment

    Anyone Hire a Filipino Helper Recently?

    Founded GeoBaby in 2002

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    I have sent you an email, please check.

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