When my second baby was born I was on my own with both kids for the first 3.5 months (my husband was out of the country for work and we had no helper). You CAN do it!

It sounds like you're telling your daughter all the right things!

My 1st seemed to always need the most attention when I was breastfeeding the baby. You'll get really good at multi tasking. I would read my daughter books or do puzzles with her while I would feed her brother (wasn't always the most comfortable, but you make do). I had a "cuddly wrap" baby carrier that was great for feeding baby in a hands free position.

I always tried to find jobs for her to do to make her feel important (get diapers, help wash or put lotion on the baby, zip jammies).

I also made sure not to always put the babies needs before her needs(sometimes the baby just needs to cry for a couple minutes while you're taking care of the other childs needs. The first child needs to know that they are important too).

Make sure to take care of your self too. You're a better mommy when you're fed and rested. Remember, you're raising children, not a house, so don't kill yourself trying to get everything done. Prioritize what NEEDS to be done and be prepared to let some other things go a bit. Don't set out to be "superwomen" Most people that try to do everything don't do everything well, so pick the things that are important and do those things well. Ther first couple months will probably be hard, but It will get easier and you'll eventually find your groove.

Good luck!