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Teething with low-grade fever

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    Unhappy Teething with low-grade fever

    Did anyone experience 11 months old baby teething with low-grade fever? As I used ear themormeter, everytime different result. How can you deal with that? Don't want to take milk, but no problem with the congee. Appreciated to share experience with me. Thanks!

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    Definitely experienced that before. My daughter would go on a hunger strike for one week and only want milk no solids. I give a little bit of tylenol at night if she seems in pain.

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    Mine is 11 months and went thru the exact same thing last month, congee as fine, but relunctant on the milk. I was told by various people that it only lasts for 1 week or so, but not my daughter. After nearly 2 weeks, I tried to feed her yoghurt if she refused her bottle, I took her to the paed. She was measured and the paed said although not losing weight, she was not gaining the weight as in the chart. The paed then suggested I changed her formula to Promil Gold since it has slightly sweeter taste and she gave me an appetite stimulant. The appetite stimulant also makes the baby sleepy, so I only gave it to her before bed. Immediately the next day, she went back to her normal feeding amount and terrible to say so, I rather enjoyed not having to wake up to tend to crying baby. Anyway, after a few days or so, her tooth cut thru and since her appetite seemed back to normal, I stopped the medicine. Maybe you should talk to your paed about it and see if he/she can help.

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    Teething can be a very painful process and that is why a child may refuse to eat or take milk. There are lots of things that I have tried with teething. One of the most effective I have found is Calpol (or over here Panadol); this works well at taking the pain away. I also use Teetha crystals (you can get them in Bumps to Babes). They are a homeopathic remedy and seem to work on low grade teething pain. Teething rings also help for the child to chew; the best kind are the ones that you can put in the fridge as the coolness will often sooth those sore little gums. I also found for older babies, placing a banana in the fridge and then letting them chew on that also helped to sooth them. Teething doesn't last forever, but for some babies it can be quite traumatic, I hope that helps.


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